BPOCS UC Irvine Student Summer Fellowship

Summer Fellowship

The Mission

The BPOCS UC Irvine Student Summer Fellowship program is the result of a community partnership between The OCS Project and the UC Irvine Humanities Center-based research cluster. Undergraduate and graduate students work with the BPOCS research cluster team members to archive, curate, and create projects.

2022 UCI Summer Fellows

Ali Chak

Area of study
English & Criminology, Law & Society
Hello, I’m Ali Chak, a UC Irvine Senior majoring in English and Criminology with a minor in Creative Writing. I grew up in the Bay Area and transferred here from Ohlone College last fall. With my time, I enjoy playing video games, binging shows, writing poetry, and reading on topics like ethnic studies, education, and society. As a student, I have faced challenges along the way that piques my interest in working with the OCS Project this summer, engaging with topics like examining the role of the Oakland Community School.


Area of study
Culture & Theory Program | U.S. South
Brie’s research seeks provocations to the questions of ontology, madness, and deviance. Using psychoanalysis, Black Critical Theory, memoir, and Black queer theory, Brie’s work constantly seeks to use slavery as a theoretic for the past, present, and future of Black positionality in the world. They received their Master’s in Women’s Studies and Bachelor’s in African American Studies from the University of Alabama.

Chasia Elzina Jeffries

Area of study
Culture & Theory Program | Feminist Studies Emphasis
Chasia Elzina Jeffries (she/they) is a Ph.D. student in UC Irvine's Culture & Theory Program with a graduate emphasis in Feminist Studies. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and received her B.A. in Law, History, and Culture with a minor in Gender & Social Justice from the University of Southern California. Her research looks at ideas of knowledge production, community, embodiment, resistance, and credibility amongst Black women, primarily using Black Feminist Theory, dis/ability theory, poetic theory, and affect theory.

Kaye Regalado

Area of study
Literary Journalism; Film and Media Studies (Double Major)
Kaye Regalado is an incoming junior, graduating in 2024, at UCI, and is double majoring in Literary Journalism and Film and Media Studies. Passionate about telling stories that can impact the world for the better, she's had experiences working with UCI's Center of Storytelling, the UCI Prison Pandemic Project, the UCI Writing Center, community organization Pacific Islander Health Partnership, alongside others. Through participation in this project, she seeks to further her understandings of archives but also seeks to make a difference through amplifying stories that matter.