Black Panther Oakland Community School:
Community Archives, Activism and Storytelling Research Cluster
(U.C. Irvine Humanities Center)


Our Mission

UC Irvine’s Black Panther Oakland Community School (BPOCS) research cluster was formed in Spring 2021 to advance research, teaching, and learning about the Black Panther Party’s survival programs through public programs, exhibitions, community archives, and digital projectdevelopment towards the release of a film documentary about the Oakland Community School.To support this mission, to date the research cluster has hired 14 UCI graduate and undergradstudents as well as trained and directed the archival work of an additional 10 UCIundergraduate interns in classroom settings and internships since Spring 2021.

Centering Community and Activism in Research, Preservation, and Storytelling.

Research Cluster Co-Leaders

Headshot of UC Irvine Librarian, Tatiana Bryant


Headshot of UC Irvine Humanities Center Professor, Desha Dauchan.


Headshot of independant scholar, oral historian, and content creator, Angela LeBlanc-Ernest.

Angela D. LeBlanc-Ernest

Headshot of UC Irvine Humanities center professor, Rasul Miller.


Headshot of UC Irvine Humanities Center Professor, Krystal Tribbett.


Headshot of UC Irvine Humanities center dean, Judy Tzu-Chun Wu.

Tzu-chun Wu

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Tatiana Bryant moderates the grand opening artist talk for Art | Power | Community: A BPP 55th Anniversary Retrospective Exhibit.
Krystal Tribbett moderates a conversation about radical community education between Ericka Huggins (former Oakland Community School director), Angela LeBlanc-Ernest, and UCI Faculty.
Celebrating the Black Panther Party Oakland Community School Fellows Program

Who We Are